the Chris Chester Group

... " Under its pop art sleeve, the record of the Chris Chester Group holds effectively the princely joke as much as of the hidden treasure "...


Music :

The original music of the Chris Chester Group is based on rhythm ‘n’ blues and sixties beat. It is also inspired by psychedelia, pop music and vintage blues “Swinging London style” and Mod attitude.
The lyrics are in English. The group consists of 5 musicians on stage

"Chris Chester Group presents : Bubble Man superstar!!!" (1st album) 13 numbers that have been recorded in London by Phil Sector, released out in June, ‘05. A kind of space-pop-rock opera.

"Wonderland!!!" (2nd album) 13 numbers was recorded in London too. It came out in April, ‘09. Overall tone is melancholic folk rocks tinged with psychedelia…

"Me Myself & I..." (3rd album) (3rd album) 11 numbers. Out October 2014, pop, heavy blues and still psychedelia...

Chris Chester sings Bob Dylan
Lp 2017

… "13 folk-rock covers of the famous Minnesota - New York City beat poet. This fourth album sounds like good american music alot with a point of sarcasm and a the best of humor. We can say that Chris Chester like the author reveals himself subconsciously in his writings and his music. Talent is talking loud and singing too with a guitar and an harmonica"...

Me Myself & I...
Lp 2014

... "Today, Chris keeps offering songs with a view over the Piccadilly Circus Fountain, circa 1968… futhermore, this third album will please friends of alley cats, one of them having made Chris’s throat his home. A scarred and defiant tomcat, able to either mew awry or purr upon fireside ballads"...
Bruno Juffin - Writer, rock journalist

Lp 2009

... " If there was one reason to throw an attentive ear to this album cheeky, splendid "Slow Time In London" would do the trick, unstoppable ballad as we wish all poor believing talented. A great discovery! "...
A F - Abus Dangereux
Bubble Man Superstar!!!
Lp 2005

...“ with his pop art sleeve, the Chris Chester Group effectively takes the princely joke as much as the hidden treasure. ”...
Bruno Juffin - Les Inrocks

Internet :

Put on-line on the Myspace internet network the record has been recognized and greeted by big names of the pop music of the 60 and 70ies :
Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), Cyril Jordan (Magic Christian, Flamming Groovies),Chris Wilson (Flamming Groovies, Barracudas) Ian Mc Lagan (Small Faces, Rod Stewart, Rolling Stones), Al Perkins (Manassas, Neil Young), Harvey Mandel (Canned Heat), Bobby Keys (Rolling Stones), Chicago blues Reunion, Man, Paul Weller (Jam), Jo Conte, Hanoi Rocks, NY Dolls... And also a large number of people and radios all over the world.

Concerts :

the Chris Chester Group occurs live on stage with vintage "Stereo" sound, style and show...
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The group
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